Daniel Caesar Takes Us Back In Time & To Another World In ‘Toronto 2014’

Photo Credit: Daniel Caesar/YouTube

Daniel Caesar is still riding high off his latest album NEVER ENOUGH. The set has produced several singles, including jams like “Valentina” and “Do You Like Me?,” and is a great return to form for the Canadian singer-songwriter. He’s also been bringing it on the visual tip as well. His streak in that medium continues with the release of the video for his song “Toronto 2014.”

“Toronto 2014” is all about the singer looking back to a simpler time before his fame. He channels this time-traveling feel in the visual by using home videos to capture his life in current day while mixing that footage with videos from the past and professionally-filmed clips. He also adds a special element by including the song’s co-writer Mustafa (who also performs under the name Mustafa The Poet) and filming in Daniel’s native Toronto and Mustafa’s cultural homeland of Sudan.

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The juxtaposition of the two cultures in the clip makes for an interesting dichotomy while taking us on a trip down memory lane for the two artists. It also presents an opportunity to help the people of Sudan, who are currently dealing with distressing unrest.

“This video explores home, the idea that we’re neither global citizens nor nomads; that we live in the air between, questioning our dispensability in any place we’ve lived in. We traveled to Sudan last year to witness a homecoming, the beauty of Sudan can’t be replicated. We were met with such warmth that you could feel in fragments in this video,” Mustafa said in a press release. “Now, as generals senselessly battle & leave our country in ruin, one can’t help but to think of all the kind people and family who assisted us in our journey — the buildings that have collapsed, the trees that went in fire — donate what you can to local efforts.”

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In addition to Daniel Caesar and Mustafa encouraging others to donate to help those in Sudan in need, a portion of the video’s generated revenue will be given to the Sudan Relief Fund. Make sure to donate to the cause and then help run up the video’s views to make sure that the people of Sudan get the help they need.

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