LION BABE Delivers Another Dance Anthem With ‘In My Bag’

Photo Credit: Hope Glassel

Our stay in the House Of LION BABE just keeps getting better and better. LION BABE and their mission to keep us moving one song at a time has proven quite the effective plan. Last time we checked in with them, they gave us a dose of ’90s nostalgia with their “So Pretty” video, and before that, they got us high on their “Deep Sexy Acid.” They heard we needed another dose of fly, though, so they deliver the goods with their new single “In My Bag.”

“In My Bag” goes out to all the sexy mamas out there who want to let loose in the club. To help them get there, LB delves into some light techno thanks to a collaboration between group producer Astro Raw and James Juke. The result is an icy hot burner that allows singer Jillian Hervey to tap into her sexy and brash attitude.

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“I be in my bag / I don’t mean to brag / But damn, mommy bad / Hot damn, mommy bad,” she talk-sings on the chorus. Meanwhile, she plays the queen of the club as she calls out commands to the crowd. While some of those things might pertain to moving your body, others are more aspirational as she doles out life lessons. “Dedicate, dedicate, dedicate, yo’ / Self to ya self, focus ice cold,” she instructs at one point while teaching us how to be bad chicks in our own right.

LION BABE is in their bag once again with this one. And with many more jams where this one came from, we think they’ll be on one for at least the rest of the year, including what we hope is a long, hot summer of dancing to their grooves. Check out “In My Bag” when you listen below.

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