Christian Kuria Takes Us Into The ‘Slow Fade’

Photo Credit: Christian Kuria/Instagram

We’re just in May, but singer-songwriter Christian Kuria has already had quite a busy year. He’s already embarked on a 15-city international tour that wrapped at the beginning of the month. And while doing that, he also booked some time in the studio. We now get to enjoy the fruits of that particular labor with the release of his latest single “Slow Fade.”

“Slow Fade” gives us more of what we’re looking for from a Christian Kuria record. His signature soft rock-tinged R&B is present thanks to a sound bed rich in guitar and a light, steady drum rhythm. The music accompanies a breathier vocal from Christian, who sings lyrics that can apply to many situations but seem to focus on the toll that life takes on us all. The verses speak to this toll, with a focus on living life despite its inevitability. It’s the chorus, however, it seems he finds the peace in giving in to life’s ebb and flow.

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“In the slow fade / You can’t evade / In the slow fade / I fear the same,” he sings in falsetto on the chorus. “As time takes the toll it’s entitled / We’re finally taking our place / In the slow fade / With no escape.”

While the song’s lyrics could be interpreted many ways, what is most straightforward is that Christian Kuria sure knows how to pull us in. Listen to “Slow Fade” when you press play and then dip below to watch the song’s official visualizer.

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