Lalah Hathaway Shows How ‘So In Love’ She Is

Photo Credit: Lalah Hathaway/YouTube

New Lalah Hathaway is coming! The gifted artist has begun the rollout of her next album VANTABLACK to the delight of music lovers worldwide. After dropping the official lead single “So In Love,” she quickly follows with its music video, and it’s just as sensational.

Director Sadé Clacken Joseph is behind the lens for the “So In Love” visual. Filmed in a bright white loft with sunshine pouring through the windows, she captures our leading lady in numerous fashions and scenes. Lalah is already naturally beautiful, but her glam squad – wardrobe stylist Chris Chidi, MUA Adrian “Londyn” Atako and hair stylists Michael Boyd and Sherry Payne – decorate and elevate her gorgeous canvas with a variety of stylish outfits, makeup looks and hairstyles, including a stunning braided heart (seen above).

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Hathaway shares screen time with her leading man Jeris DuPree, and they have a palpable chemistry with each other. The video also includes cameos from model/singer Shaun Ross and his fianceé David Alan Madrick, a darling little girl and her mom and Lalah’s own mother Eulaulah Hathaway, who joins her daughter in a loving embrace in the final frame.

Lalah shared some insight into the song on Instagram when VANTABLACK was announced. “‘So In Love’ is a track I wrote with Phil Beaudreau. We wanted to write like an upbeat love song that we wanted to sing for someone,” she stated in a video. “The inspiration was that we were just writing a song that was a love song that had a more universal appeal. Yes, it’s for your lover or loved one, but it’s also for your kid or your neighbor or yourself.” That’s beautifully depicted in this video that showcases different types of love.

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Feast your eyes on Lalah Hathaway looking fierce and as fine as ever in the video for “So In Love” when you watch below. She has more new music to share in the coming weeks before VANTABLACK is released on Friday, June 14th.

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