Tom Misch Owns Up To His Actions On ‘Insecure’

Photo Credit: Tom Misch/Facebook

It might have seemed like Tom Misch took a bit of a hiatus from it all, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the English multi-hyphenate has continuously put out music over the past few years via his side project Supershy and collaborations with the likes of Yussef Dayes, among others. He’s back under his own name now, however, and he’s getting pretty real with his single “Insecure.”

Tom gives the song an earnest feel by keeping the instrumentation quite simple. Only guitar and drums are utilized here, which keep Tom’s vocals and the song’s lyrics — which are co-written by Jimmy Napes — front and center. That’s perhaps best as “Insecure” acts as an apology for his brutish behavior.

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The song details Tom’s reaction to a guy coming on to his boo. Rather than play it off and keep it moving, though, he decides to blow up in a manner unbecoming of him. This includes harsh words and low blows that hurt his lady’s feelings. However, Tom realizes that he’s letting his wounded ego talk for him and offers a quick yet meaningful apology on the song’s chorus. “Sorry, didn’t mean it / I’m just a little insecure, secure,” he sings.

This subtle yet vulnerable ditty might be a signal that Tom Misch has a solo record to drop on us soon. While we wait for his confirmation on the matter, enjoy “Insecure” and its lyric video when you head below.

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