Elmiene Sits With Himself & Hopes For Love In ‘Someday’

Photo Credit: Elmiene/YouTube

Elmiene is currently one of our favorite exports from across the pond. The singer-songwriter has a knack for featuring his brand of thoughtful songwriting in a modern context. That’s evidenced on his newest EP Marking My Time, which features his singles “Shame,” “Mad At Fire” and the EP’s title track. There’s more where those came from, though, including the song that serves as his latest visual, “Someday.”

Marking My Time finds Elmiene contemplating heartache and lost love often, with “Someday” exploring that hope that he’ll soon love again. “Someday I want to love like the love I had with you,” he sings alongside the guitar melody on the song’s chorus. “Someday I want to hold like the way that I held you.”

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The video continues the song’s story as we open with Elmiene alone in his room with thoughts of his ex plaguing his mind. The well-decorated area is quite spacious. That’s good for the singer since multiple versions of him fill up that space at once as he wrestles with his feelings. They each take turns pacing and sitting with their head in their hands and their hearts on their collective sleeve while images of their lady love appear in spare moments to haunt them. As the clip comes to a close, he’s once again just himself, though his thoughts and feelings still linger.

The six songs on Marking My Time have the same effect, and we think that Elmiene might just have the same staying power. Stream the EP in full below after you take some time to watch the singer-songwriter do the thing in the visual for “Someday” below.

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