LION BABE Brings Us ‘Something Magic’ & A Lyric Visualizer For ‘In My Bag’

Photo Credit: Hope Glassel

LION BABE finally gave us a week off after inundating us with jam after jam and visuals from their recent album House Of LION BABE. Well, we hope you had a chance to catch your breath because Jillian Hervey and Astro Raw are calling us out to the dance floor once again. And this time they’re giving us a double dose with the new song “Something Magic” and the lyric visualizer for their previous single “In My Bag.”

First up is “Something Magic,” a delightful, disco-like ditty all about finding love in the club. Astro once again teams with James Juke on the beat as they whip up a confection of guitar, bass and synths served up over an infectious four-on-the-floor rhythm. The music, while fast-paced, still feels romantic and it’s only magnified when Jillian adds her voice to the mix.

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“Something magic happens / When we look in each other’s eyes, oh, baby,” she sings sweetly on the chorus. “Something magic happens / I don’t wanna ever, I don’t wanna ever let it go.” With a groove and vocal that sound so sweet, the duo makes it seem so easy and magical to fall in love.

The twosome also make magic in the “In My Bag” visualizer. Like the visualizer for “Better Late Than Never,” they take us behind the scenes for one of the photoshoots they did for the album. As per usual, Jillian gets the majority of the screentime as she poses it up in a stacked, curly wig and white dress with thin black stripes. She does more singing of the lyrics this time, however, as the lyrics flash across the bottom of the screen. Astro doesn’t play the background this time around, though, as he poses and mugs right next to his partner and even mouths a lyric or two himself.

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Hot damn, y’all, LION BABE keeps doing the damn thing. Listen to and watch them work when you press play on the stream for “Something Magic” and the lyric visualizer for “In My Bag” below.

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