SG Lewis Has Found A 'Lifetime' Love

Photo Credit: SG Lewis/YouTube

SG Lewis' current North American tour may be winding down, but the promotion cycle for his forthcoming second studio album is just gearing up. As he eyes the January 2023 release of AudioLust & HigherLove, the multi-talented artist drops the project's next single "Lifetime" and its music video.

"Lifetime" steps onto the dance floor right behind SG's groovy joint "Vibe Like This," which featured Ty Dolla $ign and Lucky Daye. Lewis rolls solo this time around, however, and holds it down on vocals atop a lively sound bed of guitar, drums and strings.

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"I've waited for a lifetime / To tell you I love you," SG sincerely sings from the heart on the earwormy-chorus. The song is an infectious bop that sounds straight off of the soundtrack to a rom-com, which is precisely what we get in the visual – with a little action thrown in.

Director Jason Lester transports us to a wedding reception filled with a cast of characters. SG plays the smooth wedding singer who sweeps the bride off of her feet with his song and swag. She's ready to risk it all, but her new husband isn't feeling all the attention they're giving each other and he sends his groomsmen/goons to go rough him up.

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SG catches a beatdown in the kitchen, but that doesn't stop him. He emerges bloodied and bruised to finish his performance and get the girl in the entertaining capture.

"Lifetime" is available now from various digital music providers and will be included amongst the 15 tracks on AudioLust & HigherLove. The new album follows SG Lewis' 2021 debut times and will be released on January 27, 2023. SG plans to make you dance with this new collection, so start stretching now so that you don't pull a hamstring or throw out your back when it drops. While you set your fitness goals for the new year, get into the groove of "Lifetime" and watch the hilarious video below.

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