The Stars & Love Align For Col3trane On 'Astrology Joint'

Photo Credit: Daniel Coen

Depending on who you ask, astrology can be seen as either a valuable tool for guidance and compatibility or meaningless pseudoscience with satanic roots. Regardless of which side you stand on, we can agree that we can all use a little help in navigating through life and sizing up potential partners along the way. For his latest single “Astrology Joint,” singer-songwriter Col3trane has seemingly met his cosmic match. 

Over the Alex Naim and Lophiile-produced track he sings of his fascination with a lady aligned with the stars. He finds her mindfulness of things like planetary placement magnetizing and declares, “I got a place to be / But something's keepin' me, I think it's your energy / Asked for my angel number, she said number three / I don't know what it means, but I gotta keep it.”

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“Astrology Joint” is the latest single from Col3trane and follows the visual for “Lights Out” from his album Lush Life, released earlier this year. The mood of the track is contemplative, as he explores a subject misunderstood by most.

Via press release, Col3trane explains, “'Astrology Joint' is a conversational song about women who are into astrology captivating men that don’t understand it. Astrology in essence is quite mysterious and intriguing, and most men are baffled by it until pushed in the right direction.”

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Venture into the cosmos and give Col3trane’s “Astrology Joint” a spin below. Be sure to add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform and, if you haven’t already, catch a vibe and run his full Lush Life album.

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