Babyface & Coco Jones Make The Complicated Look Glamorous In 'Simple'

Photo Credit: Babyface/YouTube

Babyface worked his magic one more 'gin with the release of his album Girls Night Out. The set, which features a who's who of the current female R&B landscape, is some of his best work since the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. One of the album's standouts is "Simple," which features rising star Coco Jones and it's the latest song to get the visual treatment.

Director Sara Lacombe gives the clip a simple yet elegant treatment. Babyface and Coco Jones are both dressed impeccably in the clip. That's especially true of Coco, who is draped in gorgeous gowns and jewels throughout the video's runtime. She's also given some of the more visually interesting backdrops, including a blue sculptural piece and a set covered in crimson fabric that matches her attire. Babyface is no slouch, either. Though his 'fits aren't as high fashion, he still looks dapper in his signature shades and sportscoats.

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Like the song's title, things don't get too elaborate here. Instead, the clip gives Babyface and Coco Jones the moment to shine in their performances. It's an approach that works best in particular for this kind of ballad and for two artists of their caliber.

Check out the two giving it their all in the clip for "Simple" when you press play and be sure to check out Girls Night Out, which is in stores now.

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