Bounce-Worthy: Davina Oriakhi

Singer/songwriter Davina Oriakhi is capitalizing on the buzz surrounding her. This year alone, the London-based artist has released three singles and has built quite a fan base across Europe and Africa. Now, as she gears up to release her album Love to a Mortal, Davina is definitely on our radar. Her pristine voice and her seamless mix of jazz, spoken word and hip-hop throughout her work has our attention, and she’s sure to capture yours as well.

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Her debut album feels like a passage through a variety of emotions, each one striking and familiar. According to Davina, “The LP is an expression of a spiritual love journey, from finding love, to the realization of lust and deceptive emotions, temptation and relapse, to depression, forgiveness, then healing, mental and spiritual battles, to self-love and the road to self-discovery and acceptance, and the outer-body feeling of love and joy...It’s a journey, and each track represents each stop on that journey.”

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