Bounce-Worthy: Davina Oriakhi

Whether vibing off firsthand experience or living out the whirlwind of emotions vicariously through Davina, the listener is captivated and drawn in from the very first note. She is quite gifted with a pen, and her masterful lyricism is showcased throughout the project. She is thoughtful and deliberate in her approach and her selection of themes, including love, life and spirituality. She draws some of her inspiration from the Bible but crafts it all in a way that isn’t forceful or off-putting. For example, for the opening song “It’s All About Love” she sings words from 1 Corinthians 13, and somehow it’s delicate yet firm. In fact, from the beginning, the tone of relentless vulnerability is set.

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Other highlights from the project include the album’s lead single “Silence (Father Have Mercy).  The reggae-infused groove is a welcomed distraction from the lyrics, which speak remorse and repentance. The much brighter second single, “F.S.LS. (Find Self Love Self),” asks the hard questions as Davina defiantly sings, “Without competition, do you work as hard? / And without any labels, do you know who you are? / Do you love yourself? / And have you found yourself”. When asked about the intent of the song she says, “It’s different from being cocky, it’s about knowing and loving yourself enough to love someone else the right way.” The accompanying visual to this self-reflection anthem gives fans a glimpse of Davina’s gleeful and carefree side, as it follows her along a colorful, graffiti-lined street in the bustling Shoreditch area of London, on a beautiful, sunny day. The album concludes with the infectious, Afro-beat track “JuJu.” Davina’s voice is entrancing and full of love as she sings about a lover so beguiling, his effect is almost magical.

All in all, Love to a Mortal is a fascinating mix of musical fluidity and soulful lyrics. The full album will be released on iTunes and Spotify on Friday, July 28th, but the SoulBounce family has been granted an exclusive first listen of the album. Be among the first to stream it before its official release by clicking the link below, and be sure to check out the video for the single “F.S.L.S. (Find Self Love Self) as well.

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