Jacob Latimore Isn't 'Selfish' With His Talents

Photo Credit: Jacob Latimore/YouTube

Although he’s probably best known at the moment for his current role as “Emmett” on Showtime’s The Chi, Jacob Latimore likes to dip in his bag every now and then to remind us of his first love: music. While he blessed fans with two releases, C3 and Leo Season, back in 2020, things have been fairly quiet on the music front. But now, he returns with a bouncy new video for his single “Selfish.”

On the Afrobeats-inspired tune, Latimore finds himself at a crossroads about with his relationship. Feeling like the weight of the world is on his shoulders, all he wants from his partner is compassion and communication. “That ain’t the way, that ain’t the way / That ain’t the way love’s supposed to go / Don’t send a text, can you pick up the phone? / Talk to me, come to me / I’ll share what I did on my own,” he sings.

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As for the video, director Alfredo Flores matches the track’s lush vibes, as Latimore prowls his way through a maze of tropical plants and equally hot dancers. The next scene shows the 26-year-old showcasing his dance moves alongside two more dancers. The warm backlight further underscores the sun-drenched vibes of the song.

For those of us who know that Latimore can truly sing, the song’s autotuned vocals might conjure up comparisons to Drake. However, even with that tiny critique, “Selfish” still manages to provide the perfect tropical mental escape to keep us warm as the temperatures drop.

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