Alex Isley Takes Us 'Into Orbit' For 'Soulection Live Sessions'

Photo Credit: Soulection/YouTube

Is there a dreamier voice in current R&B than that of Alex Isley? The singer-songwriter — who most recently partnered with Jack Dine for their debut album Marigold — has been thrilling us with her talents for more than a decade at this point and she doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. Recently, she sat in for Soulection Live Sessions, the Soulection collective's venue to showcase stellar indie artists, for a three-song set that showed music lovers where she's been and where she's going.

Alex started the set with "Into Orbit," the enchanting ballad from her 2012 effort Love/Art Memoirs. The decade-old song sounded just as timeless as when we first heard it, with the lilting guitar and twinkling keys setting the path for her crystalline vocal to soar beyond the stratosphere as she asks to be taken to the moon and stars.

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The songstress delved into her work with Jack Dine for the next two selections. First up, she visited Marigold with "Love Again." With a similar arrangement thanks to Mike McTaggart on guitar and Javier Santiago on keys, the seasoned performer effortlessly evoked the mix of joy and slight trepidation of falling in love after heartache.

Isley then closed the set with undeniable slow jam "Good And Plenty." This time around, the keys led the way, opting for an earthier sound to ground the song as the guitar strummed the track's seductive melody. This, of course, allowed Alex to get breathy and sensual as she beckoned those who watched into her charms.

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Alex Isley is, of course, that girl, so it's no surprise that she easily killed this performance. Taste and see for yourself when you watch her appearance on Soulection Live Sessions below.

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