Mumu Fresh Joins DJ Jazzy Jeff & The PlayList To Bring Us ‘Part One’ Of ‘The Healing’

When DJ Jazzy Jeff gathered some of the dopest artists and musicians for The PlayList Retreat and to eventually form The PlayList, it wasn’t just for show. In early 2017, select members reconvened, hunkered down for a week and combined their super talents to create Chasing Goosebumps with Glenn Lewis taking on the role of featured vocalist. The incredible album was a treat for music lovers and critics alike. Thankfully, the concept wasn’t just a “one-and-done” affair. The PlayList has joined forces once again to deliver a new collection of eargasmic tunes called Chasing Goosebumps 2: The Healing, this time with our girl Maimouna Youssef a.k.a. Mumu Fresh at center stage.

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Just before the summer began, SoulBounce was lucky enough to attend a listening party to hear a preview of what they’d been working on. Since then, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the official release, and it’s finally here. Sort of. Rather than release the full project all at once, the new music will be introduced over the next few months in a series of triads, eventually culminating in the full release of a 12-song masterpiece. This allows Mumu time to rock the mic at BET’s Black Girls Rock Awards this weekend (airing September 8th on BET), plus wrap up her stint supporting Common on his Let Love Tour. It also gives the listener plenty of time to digest her sonant awesomeness in small doses.

Executive produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff – with featured artists and producers like Carvin Haggins, Eric Roberson, MuhsinahKenny Dope, Mac Ayres, Terry Hunter and more – The Healing is an introspective look at who Mumu Fresh is an artist, an activist and a woman. Part One features two of our favorites from the listening party, “Bitterness” and “Let’s Eat,” plus another track entitled “Chasing Rainbows.” The GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter/emcee expounds on the triad by saying, “Each song is different and gives you a little hip hop, R&B, and funk…this music is not only meant to be heard but to be enjoyed. The topics range from the complexities of being a woman (love, relationships, respect) to the social and civil injustices that plague our community. All these things make up who I am and who I represent as a whole.”

With cool background harmonies and stuttering beats, album opener “Bitterness” is an edgy pep talk about letting go of the negative thoughts that prevent us from living our best lives. “Chasing Rainbows” maintains the hip-hop swagger of the previous tune, but delivers it with a jazzier vibe as Mumu motivates us to beat the odds and go hard after our goals. Party-starter “Let’s Eat” is a fun, bouncy tune infused with funk, disco and gospel. But there’s more to this upbeat groove than meets the eye as Mumu spits knowledge about systematic oppression and leaves us with a serious craving for soul food.

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So far, The Healing sounds like the perfect cure for an ailing playlists. Stream Part One below and visit your favorite digital retailer to purchase the single triad. DMV Bouncers can hear Mumu and J.PERIOD perform select tracks from the album on September 14th during The REACH Opening Festival at the Kennedy Center.

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