Fantasia & T-Pain Are Feeling The Effects Of 'PTSD'

Fantasia is out here living her best life, and she’s determined not to let anyone get in her way – especially an unworthy lover. On “PTSD” – a clever twist on the acronym, which in this case means "Post Traumatic Sex Disorder" – Fantasia sends a no-good player on his merry way to go play with someone else's time and affections. She’s assisted in this kiss-off by Tallahassee's own T-Pain.

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“Baby, save all that weak s**t for your mama / Baby, save all that weak s**t for your boss at work,” Tasia sensually sings and reads this f**kboy for filth at the same damn time over a bass-heavy trap beat of drums, bouncy synths and guitar licks. Sure, she’d like to pick up the phone and call up her old thing when that love below starts talking to her, but he’s more trouble than he’s worth. Meanwhile, T-Pain delivers a rap/sung verse in his patented Auto-Tuned voice. He's lovesick over a flame who put it down a little too good on him and has him fiending for another hit.

“PTSD” is the second single from Fantasia’s upcoming album, Sketchbook, following the stunning ballad “Enough.” Fantasia enjoyed switching it up from the first single. "This was a much edgier song for me but one that I felt was needed on the Sketchbook album. Many people have experienced disappointment in the pursuit of love, but refuse to let one bad experience dictate their entire outlook on love and romance overall," said Fantasia about the track.

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We appreciate all directions Fantasia goes and takes us in. Don't miss the songstress on her upcoming travels on The Sketchbook Tour with special guests Robin Thicke, Tank and Bonfyre holding it down as her opening acts.

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