Bounce-Worthy: thexunknowns

A fusion of R&B, dancehall, Afrobeat and many other influences, thexunknowns have cultivated a sound that’s equal parts chill and turnt up. There’s the song that first caught our attention, “Tell Me,” a hypnotic thumper that gets us winding our hips like the dancers and models in the video. Then there’s the spicy, synth-heavy “Rouge,” where the ladies get hot and bothered on a dance floor with a special someone. Things slow down a bit, but not much, on the guitar-driven “Deeper,” where the ladies ask, “Tell me things you’re scared to say out loud / Let’s get personal / I want to know you deeper.” Of course, not everything is roses in a relationship. The twosome let a lover know they don’t have to stick around with anyone who doesn’t recognize their worth on “Options” and their latest track, “Nah,” with its late-’90s R&B flavor.

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The videos for “Tell Me” and “Rouge” are pure Black Girl Magic. Both feature a similar concept of models and dancers grooving along to the beat on colorful soundstages. However, the vibe, attitude and sheer talent of the women involved makes each special in their own right. To the best of our knowledge, the ladies of thexunknowns do not appear in either visual, but without knowing the identity of the group members, they could very well be hiding in plain sight.

What can we expect from thexunknowns in the future? Well, our Magic 8 Ball is fuzzy on that as well. Currently, the group has no plans to release an official project. For now, the ladies are happy to continue teasing and taunting us with the occasional loosie, and that’s quite alright with us. We’ll enjoy the quiet before the storm when everyone realizes that thexunknowns are far from nobodies. When they will be thexunknowns in name only.

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