Bounce-Worthy: thexunknowns

Every once in a while, you stumble across an artist that doesn’t crave the limelight. Like a beauty you see across the room at the club but never truly engage, you want to know more. But all you get is a hint of their greatness. Even when you get up the nerve to shoot your shot, you’re left with more questions than answers. That is the situation with Britain’s latest musical export, thexunknowns. While the hype around this group continues to grow, information about said group continues to be sparse. Instead, they’ve decided to let their music speak for itself. And boy, does it have a lot to say.

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Much like last year’s mystery artist H.E.R., thexunknowns have chosen to keep their names and their faces secret for now. However, we’ve been privileged to learn a little bit more about the group. thexunknowns are two women of African descent, one from Britain and the other from Germany. The two met while studying mathematics at university in 2013. Beyond a shared passion for numbers, the ladies learned they also shared a love of music. Studying their craft, learning from each other and growing, the pair eventually decided to make beautiful music together in summer 2017.

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