The SoulBounce Q&A: V. Bozeman Gets In The Driver’s Seat With Lincoln First Listen & Dishes On Her New EP


SB: I love that’s it’s a ‘she’ too. Speaking of “Go,” that’s one of your singles from your upcoming EP. Tell us what kind of feedback you’ve been getting and where you want to go with it, pun intended?

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VB: [laughs] Right. I love this song. Lil’ Rodney was the producer, and it’s just a song for the ladies. I usually say, ‘if he can’t handle your light just tell him to go,’ so this song comes from a true experience and it’s just a real song that the ladies can relate to. I just presented the video for it on 106 & Park, and it’s an amazing video. You just see the different layers that I have that a lot of people don’t know about. I’m a dancer, a model, I do a lot of things. So the video is kinda based on my lifestyle and things that typically go on in my life, and I love it. The cinematography of the video is amazing, and it’s the first single from my new EP called Off 86th & Avalon. You’ll see the foundation from where I come from. I’m from South Central LA, so you get all the Cali-isms, it’s just a good foundation. People think I just popped up out of the blue from Empire, and I’m like no, no, no, I have so many more layers to who I am so I’m excited about the whole body of work.

SB: You mentioned you sing, dance and act. We’ve seen you in Tyrese‘s Black Book and of course Empire, do you have any new roles coming up?

VB: Yeah, Empire was an amazing platform to start with. I’m always grateful to Empire and so happy to be a part of that family. Tyrese is a major support and a good friend, and Black Book was a great moment for R&B.

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SB: That was really intense, your character.

VB: It was. It was just another layer and a passion for me too that I enjoy doing. I’m filming a movie now with Mario Van Peebles that’s going to be coming soon to the film festivals. I’m also doing Howard High with Chris Stokes and Marques Houston and so many wonderful actors. It’s a lot of acting that’s coming from me, I’m just trying to go all the way with it. You can’t just put all your apples in one barrel, you know, I’m doing errythang!

SB: We are big supporters of doing errythang, so congrats! So for the Van Peebles movie, what’s it called and what’s your character?

VB: It’s called If, and I play Mario’s muse. He kind of imagines my character, we have an intense relationship because I’m in his imagination and that’s all I can tell you.

SB: [laughs] Okay! I feel like you’re always somebody’s muse in a video. You’re really great at being someone’s significant other, and hopefully you take that as a compliment! [laughs]

VB: [laughs] I do, it’s cool because you don’t see a muse that’s bald headed and black like me too often. There should be more muses like me, you know.

SB: I’m pretty sure you’ve inspired more women to shave their heads, so kudos to you! In terms of what you have coming up musically, when will the EP be out?

VB: The EP will be out late July, early August. “Go” is out right now. I’m doing this promo tour to push this EP and the single.

SB: So because this is, the final question we usually ask is what makes your soul bounce?

VB: What makes my soul bounce is attracting people to my music! When I see people feeling happy when they hear my music, that’s it.

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