The SoulBounce Q&A: V. Bozeman Gets In The Driver’s Seat With Lincoln First Listen & Dishes On Her New EP


SoulBounce: How did the partnership with Lincoln MKZ come about?

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V. Bozeman: Well, one of the reps from Lincoln contacted my management and they wanted a fresh face and someone to be a part of the Lincoln MKZ campaign for 2017. My management and I, we wanted someone I was familiar with and that was DJ Dion “Deezy” Summers from SiriusXM to partner up with me to do the commercial so we can tie in the “Go” single and the whole Revel sound system that the MKZ provides. It just all organically came about and it totally made sense for MKZ and for my campaign as well.

SB: Yeah, we loved the campaign and that you rode around and had fun talking about your single. The fact that the song used was “Go” made perfect sense! But tell us more about the fancy car you were in. What were you favorite features?

VB: You know I really liked that car, it was very sleek and sexy. A lot of times, back in the day the older people would drive Lincolns, but now to younger people it’s very appealing. You know it’s sleek, it’s sexy, the light fixtures — I don’t know if you call it fixtures — but yeah. But since I’m a music girl, of course, the sound system. They have different features as far as the sound like a concert feature, a demo feature, there were just so many different sounds that I like a whole lot. The MKZ is very appealing especially for a younger crowd.

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SB: How do you feel about brands like Lincoln partnering with artists like yourself? We’re noticing a trend.

VB: I love it! I think if it fits the aesthetic of the artist, and it makes sense for their brand, then why not. Each person can gain from it as far as getting music out there, and then Lincoln can gain from it from reaching a younger audience that will buy. I think it can work on both sides, it’s a great way to market your visibility.

SB: Agreed. We hope you get more cool partnerships down the line. Would you say that you’re a car person?

VB: I don’t think I’m a car person actually, but I do have my favorites. I did grow up with the Lincoln. I would ride around in Lincolns all the time, you know my aunt, my pastor (you know I’m a church girl), family members, they all had Lincolns. I’m so familiar with Lincolns and that’s why I was like, yeah I’ll do this commercial because it felt like home almost.

SB: Wow, it’s like it was meant to be! That’s so funny.

VB: Yeah, it’s a very familiar vehicle I’ve grown up with.

SB: So totally related but not, do you name your car? I always give my car a name.

VB: Yasss, [laughs] I call my car ‘Heartbreak.’ I bought it after a heartbreak. Because I was so heartbroken and one day I was like, you know what, I want to buy a car. I just woke up like…well, I needed a car anyway, but I think my heartbreak just pushed me there.

SB: That’s the perfect remedy for a heartbreak and hopefully you’re not heartbroken anymore.

VB: It helped a lot, she helped a lot.

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