Body Remix: Workout Like A Celebrity, Get In Shape Like A Star


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Springtime is here! Swimsuits, tank tops and shorts are back in department stores, ready to be rocked once the weather finally breaks. For many Americans, the chillier months are a crucial time for getting fit and healthy in anticipation of vacations, beach life and summer outings. Annually, people resolve to focus on their health with every new year and with good reason. This is because health is wealth, especially for celebrities. For a celebrity, whose image projects their self-discipline and willingness to transform their body for a new role, album cover or music video, getting and staying in shape will contribute to the success they will have. Their images are constantly plastered on blogs, websites, magazines and television. With this pressure, comes an extra sense of urgency to stay fit.

So, you want abs like Trey Songz, killer legs like J.Lo or Beyoncé's #FitThick curves? It takes hard work! Living a fit lifestyle is not always easy for celebrities, but for the average person it can be expensive and downright overwhelming. But there is a way to stay fit and in shape that doesn't require a gym, equipment or a personal trainer. In fact, there is a way to get in shape without any equipment at all. Many celebrities work out without equipment while on the road or traveling to keep those bodies tight, right and ready.

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The best workouts use the entire body, with multiple muscle groups working at the same time. We call these exercises compound movements. When one couples these compound movements while doing the sets of exercise fairly quickly, this stimulates hormones that will serve to burn fat, build muscle and light the ongoing burning furnace that is one's metabolism for the rest of the day. Exercise in rapid succession will build up lactic acid in muscles, which is removed from the body through heavy breathing via carbon dioxide. If you don't allow yourself to fully catch your breath, the lactic acid accumulates triggering a powerful hormonal response. In short, we call this interval training, a mode of training that has been supported by science many times over.

Celebrities, regardless of their profession, have very busy schedules that usually prohibit them from spending hours in the gym. They need quick, fast and effective exercises that will give them optimal results. It's as simple as just walking outside your tour bus and doing the following: 15 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks, a 30-second plank, a 10-meter bear crawl, 30 high knees, 20 air squats and repeating them all three times, or taking a break on your movie set and performing a 10-minute Tabata routine.

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Regardless of how hard or easy or short these workouts may sound, these full body movements done in rapid succession will rev up growth hormone and tax the lungs, heart and muscles in one-third the time that traditional cardio will take. All you need is some ground or floor space, a host of compound based exercises done in rapid succession, some good music and you are ready to go! Remember, health is wealth so invest in it wisely.

Happy Training!
Dr. Ivan Hernandez aka Dr.Ivan, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, FMS
Twitter: @DrIvanPT | Instagram: @Dr.IvanPT | Facebook: Dr.IvanPT

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Click through on the following pages to see Dr. Ivan's demonstration videos of the exercises mentioned above.

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