Soulful Nerd’s Seen & Heard In Europe: Lianne La Havas Live & Introducing Native Dancer

Lianne La Havas
Seen & Heard at Gretchen in Berlin, Germany

A sold out, sweaty room of manic fans waited patiently for pop-soul princess Lianna La Havas to emerge. And yep, she killed it. The tunes she played from her new album, Blood, were “Tokyo” and “Green and Gold.” The new songs have a serious bump to them set up by the bass and the drums that will cause your head to bob and your shoulders to rock uncontrollably. I’m serious! Despite all of her mind-blowing success, each time the guitar tech would place the guitar around her neck during the show, La Havas made sure to always say “thank you.” It’s refreshing to know humility still exists in the increasingly celebrity-centric industry. It was also cool to see her whip out the bass on one of the tunes. I even think Lianne’s voice has superpowers; It seemed to have this unique ability to quiet down drunken German men. It was pretty amazing to behold. Do yourself the favor and see Lianne La Havas on tour this fall after you pick up Blood on July 31st.

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