Samm Henshaw Is Here To Make It ‘Better’


The UK has earned a solid reputation for producing artists who have mastered that vintage R&B and soul sound. London-based Samm Henshaw sealed that reputation with his debut song, “Only Wanna Be With You,” which got him our Bounce-Worthy seal of approval. This son of a pastor continues to embody the gospel roots from which he was baptized, with the release of the video for his current single “Better.” Like the song, the video emits a mellow vibe.

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The visual shows a group of friends at an intimate get together. Guys and girls mingle, laugh and enjoy drinks, as Samm plays the piano and croons over an old time religion-tinged melody. As Samm’s voice punctuates the chill atmosphere, a couple meet for the first time, shake hands and commence to chatting. The camera intermittently zooms in and out on various objects while Samm’s clothing randomly changes from casual to dapper. As the party progresses, it’s obvious that the guy is crushing hard on his new lady friend — even getting a little in his feelings when he sees her casually talking to another dude. The couple goes through some changes, but at the end of the video, they decide that they are better together.

Take a glance at “Better” right here and keep an eye out for the release of Henshaw’s EP, The Sound Experiment, due on August 7th.

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