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Many people ask me, “Syleena, how did you lose the weight?” The real answer is probably not what they expect or want to hear, so I just tell them I ate right and exercised regularly. Generally speaking, that is all you have to do, right? WRONG!

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My transformation required much more than a healthy diet and exercise regimen. I had to commit to changing my entire lifestyle to achieve the kind of results people are seeing and that we see all around us every day, on television and in magazines.

Photoshopped images abound, and butt implants, lip injections and breast enhancements are just a few of the many illusions that digital sleight of hand creates for us to consume and fantasize about. So, many people taking all of this in think that “fixing” their bodies is the way to change their lives.

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In my humble opinion, this could not be further from the truth. A lifestyle change of any kind must start within, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes discipline and specific steps.

Most people want to change their bodies by changing their diets, I totally get it. However, it is not going to happen with a 30-day boot camp challenge or a 90-day DVD series. Sure, these things will keep you on track and active, but they will not ensure long-term results. That is why I created the 21-day SheLean Lifestyle Challenge on to effectively equip participants for the changes they are trying to make.

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Many of us get frustrated, quit and end up with worse symptoms or new illnesses that stem from poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. My website challenge makes it almost impossible to quit. Log on to and take the challenge to start your new journey, stick with it and be in the best frame of mind and spirit ever, ready to receive what God has planned for you.

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Until next time,
Syleena Johnson

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