The SoulBounce Q&A: Jazmine Sullivan Chats About How Her Reality Shaped ‘Reality Show,’ Returning To Music, Touring & Upcoming Soulfest Performance


SB: You are really a singer’s singer, and one of the greatest of this generation. Who are your favorite singers?

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JS: There’s a gospel singer named Kim Burrell that I love. Lalah Hathaway, Brandy. There’s probably some more, but I would say those are my top three.

SB: You recently sang with Lauryn Hill. What was that like?

JS: Oh that was like, I could have cried! I don’t think I really was aware of what was going on, because once I got back home, I was like I can’t believe I just shared the stage with Lauryn Hill and she knows me and loves my stuff! I grew up on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, that’s one of my favorite albums and to be in her presence and she acknowledged me as somebody that she likes is beyond amazing. It was a great experience.

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SB: I remember reading in Questlove’s book Mo’ Meta Blues, about you coming around and jamming with The Roots at 10 years old. What was that like? How did experiences like that shape you musically?

JS: The experience was great. Not a lot of kids can say that they’ve been around and got to experience and see Jill Scott, The Roots and all those great Philly artists. I got the chance to be around and see them perform and learn from them, so I appreciate having been in that environment and definitely it’s helped me with my live shows. Singing live with the band and stuff like that is second nature to me now because of that experience.

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