The SoulBounce Q&A: Jazmine Sullivan Chats About How Her Reality Shaped ‘Reality Show,’ Returning To Music, Touring & Upcoming Soulfest Performance

Photo Credit: Tony Mobley - TMO Photography
Photo Credit: Tony Mobley – TMO Photography

SB: I can imagine! With that in mind, what can Australian fans expect from your upcoming performance at Soulfest later this year? Or any Jazmine Sullivan show for that matter?

JS: I would say just a good time! It’s like a house party. I would describe it as going to your girlfriend’s house and, you know how you talk about everything, you’ll talk about your relationship, whether it’s good or bad, you’ll talk about your family. Whatever you’re going through in life, you talk about with your girlfriends and go through the emotions. That’s kind of what the show is like!

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SB: What has it been like to get back on stage after your time off?

JS: I was scared actually! It took me a while to set my first gig, ‘cause I was nervous. But after I did the first one, naturally I just fell in love with being on stage and the energy that the fans give. My tour was meant to be a month and then it got extended for another month because more people wanted to hear the songs and stuff. It’s been really good coming back, and I feel good. I’m excited to come and perform in Australia, and definitely at Soulfest because I saw the lineup and it looks like a great show!

SB: And we are excited to have you here! We can’t wait!

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On a different note, in your Reality Show web series, you touched on that you like all different genres of music and that you want your music to appeal to people who like a range of genres. Who’s someone that you are listening to at the moment that people wouldn’t expect?

JS: I’m not really listening to anybody at the moment. I did just go to see this funk player, I don’t really know what you’d call it, but his name is Cory Henry, and he’s a musician. I went to his show last night, and he’s great!

SB: Yes, he’s great! He plays keys, right?

JS: Yes, yes!

SB: He kind of deconstructs the music and takes it somewhere different, right? I definitely dig him, too.

JS: Oh my gosh, that’s exactly what it is!

SB: I’ve got one more question, and it’s more about the music industry. Artists have more control over their careers nowadays compared to the past, it’s an interesting new climate. As an artist that’s been around for a while who has seen the changes, how do you see the music industry changing and is it a good direction?

JS: I see the blending of genres, and I’m fine with it personally because I’m just a lover of music, period. So I love when people can start one way, build on that and then change. So I see that happening, and I’m fine with it because I listen to different styles of music and I try to include all of them on the albums. I don’t like labels, and I’m fine with what I see that happening — the labels on music coming down. I think people like to hold on, like if it’s R&B, they like to hold on to what they think R&B is. But music changes so much, I can’t imagine trying to put it in a box.

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