Hot Like Ayah: The 411 On '4:15'


Hello darlings!

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So by now you all know about 4:15, my new album. In anticipation of the release, I wanted to give you all the exclusive 411 on the tracklist and the inspiration behind each of the songs. Oh yeah, how do you like the album cover art above? I love it, if I may say so myself!

1. "Slow It Down" (produced by Thrysite)

The last couple years, actually more like my whole life, I'd been
trying to figure out who I was, what I liked, what I believed. I've been on a constant journey of self examination, really. I think I've learned that although
the process may be frustrating, it takes time, and I shouldn't rush it. Kind of like a healthy relationship.

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2. "Might Not Be" (produced by Lyve)

"Might Not Be" is a song that Tona and myself wrote. It's about liking
who you are and knowing your standards. It's about being yourself
whether anyone likes it or not.

3. "Fallen" (produced by Amir)

A song about falling in love and then finding yourself fallen from love.

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4. "4:15 am" (produced by Al Khaaliq)
I literally wrote this at 4:15 am. Most of my
music is written around that time. That is the time where I am most
honest and genuinely myself. No make up, glasses on, wearing sweats,
making music, or dreaming about it!

5. "He Don't Want It" (produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff)

This is the first song I worked on with DJ Jazzy Jeff. I messaged him on MySpace and asked him what it would take to work with him. He replied
almost instantly and said, "Just ask." Not long after that he sent me this
beat, and so it began.

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6. "Who Are We" (produced by Hazel)

When we're young (and sometimes old), we're not sure who we are. We are
scared. Sometimes we lose our way--kind of like music.

7. "In My Lifetime" (produced by Thrysite)

Through all that way we go through, no matter what ups or downs we see, we have to keep it moving. We have to survive.

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8. "Do It All Again" (produced by Slakah the Beatchild)

One question, if you could do it all again, would you do what you've done so far?

9. "Believe" (Bonus) (produced by Slakah the Beatchild)

A song about faith and optimism...pretty much what you have to have to take on this industry!

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So there you have it. That's the 411 on 4:15! I'm so excited for everyone to hear it!!

As a special thank you to everyone who listened to and left feedback on "Might Not Be" when Butta posted it yesterday, I want to give you all the track for free. Go here to download it. 

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And don't forget (not that I'll let you...LOL): 4:15 is coming on 4/15/09 to

Stay hot!

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