Chloe x Halle Do Their Home State Proud With ‘Georgia On My Mind’

We must admit that we’re quite fond of Chloe x Halle. The sister duo has been doing it to it when it comes to their career this year, etching their own space in the public consciousness with their sophomore set Ungodly Hour. Perhaps that’s why ESPN chose them as the latest artists to cover the classic track “Georgia In My Mind” in the commercial campaign for this year’s Masters Tournament.

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Like India.Arie before them, the sisters have ties to the Peach State (they’re Atlanta natives) and they infuse their cover with the love they feel for it. Their take, however, takes it to a different place. They start off traditional, with strings and horns backing their vocals as they sing the familiar opening verse. They spice things up soon after, adding in a guitar riff and programmed drums to give the song a bit of modern bump that fits their younger sensibilities. They also take turns trading verses and lines as each Bailey sister puts her own signature on the cut with runs and power notes that make everything sound just a little bit sweeter.

You’ll be able to hear Chloe x Halle sing the praises of Georgia via commercials for the tournament — which begins April 5th — on ESPN. Or, of course, you can listen to their cover in full right here when you press play.

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