Chloe x Halle Aren't Asking Permission In 'Forgive Me' & Release Their 'Ungodly Hour'

In the run-up to the release of their sophomore effort Ungodly Hour, Chloe x Halle have been presenting us with a much more grown (and sexy) version of themselves. The album is here now and they're ready to jump off the deep end into more adult material, giving us a video for album track "Forgive Me" that shows us a completely different side compared to the wholesome way we first met them.

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The song, which trades in the old adage that it's better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask permission, comes from personal experience as Chloe Bailey told Genius. "I was going through a situation where I was dealing with a guy and he picked someone else over me," she said while speaking on the lyrics. "[And] it really bothered me because I felt like it wasn’t done in the most honest light." The situation must've sparked a defiant side because the ladies tell their tale over an ominous beat and even drop f-bombs as they let the busta know they're not sorry for moving on.

In the song's video, the ladies get dark as they prance around in black patent leather among a few set pieces. These include a background with flashing green lights and a freshly dug plot where the ladies wield shovels and stare blankly into the camera. Sorry to whatever man pissed these two off.

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The rest of Ungodly Hour delivers on the promise of a more adult sound for Chloe x Halle, with the ladies looking to a few producers to help further evolve their sound and voice. Oh, and did we mention that it's full of jams like "Do It" and "Catch Up"? Get into the darkly fierce visual for "Forgive Me" and then stick around for the full album stream below.

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