Amber Mark Is Back On The Block With ‘Comin’ Around Again’

Photo Credit: Wendy Ngala

Amber Mark left quite the impression when she unleashed her debut album Three Dimensions Deep back in 2022. The set made good on the promise of her talent that we witnessed after a flood of singles from the singer in the years previous. And, quite frankly, we’ve been waiting to hear something new from her ever since. Now Amber’s back like she never left to give us her appropriately title single “Comin’ Around Again.”

“Comin’ Around Again” finds the singer once again blending soul, R&B and pop into her own unique mix. This time around, she uses the approach to speak to a love that’s taken her a bit by surprise. The song leads with drums and syrupy, soulful bass that underscores her vocal as she sings of a chance encounter with a potential beau. While she isn’t looking for love, she quickly realizes that it might've found her all the same.

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“Boy, I ain’t got high hopes / But damn, you’re kinda fine, though,” she sings on the chorus just as a churchy piano is added to the mix. “So let’s see where the night goes / Maybe love’s comin’ around again.”

While she’s a little demure in the song’s lyrics, she’s a lot bolder in the song’s official visualizer. As the lyrics flash on the screen, Amber can be seen stalking what appears to be a hotel lobby looking sexy in a sheer black bodysuit and tousled, wavy hair. To say she looks amazing would be a gross understatement.

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We are very happy to see Amber Mark making her way back to us and anxiously anticipate what she has in the wings. Get reacquainted with her talents when you stream “Comin’ Around Again” right here and then watch the visualizer/lyric video below.

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