Pharrell Williams Drops Surprise ‘Black Yacht Rock’ Album For His 51st Birthday

Photo Credit: Pharrell Williams/Facebook

Today is Pharrell Williams’ 51st birthday, and the forever young entertainer decided to celebrate by releasing new music. This new music comes in the form of a surprise album entitled Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1: City Of Limitless Access released under the name VIRGINIA, an obvious nod to his beloved home state.

Pharrell typically releases projects with a splashy, big-budget rollout complete with singles, music videos, interviews, appearances, performances and what not, but not this time around. This is his most low-key drop ever. He hasn’t delivered the album to streaming services nor has he posted anything about it on his website or socials.

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Word of the damn-near secret collection has spread amongst his fans on social media, however, who’ve made a beeline to get their hands on it. The album is available exclusively on the website for people to listen to and/or download directly.

Black Yacht Rock Vol. 1: City Of Limitless Access by VIRGINIA — which may or may not be the album title and artist — features a total of 10 songs with intriguing titles such as “Dandy Lying,” “Caged Bird Free” and “Who Needs Rest.” Although he is uncredited, all tracks feature Pharrell’s distinctive vocals and sound exactly like you’d think a sub-genre named “Black Yacht Rock” from the multi-faceted creative would sound.

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Pharrell Williams has left us with more questions than answers about this mysterious VIRGINIA project, but we love this surprise birthday present nonetheless. Visit the special Black Yacht Rock website to give the album a spin and download it to your collections.

Photo Credit: Black Yacht Rock

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