Amber Mark Gives Us ‘Bliss’ & Releases Debut Album ‘Three Dimensions Deep’

Photo Credit: Amber Mark/YouTube

We’re sure songstress Amber Mark is celebrating right now. The singer has finally released her debut album Three Dimensions Deep after bubbling under for a few years. To commemorate the very special occasion, she treats fans to a gorgeous visual for album track “Bliss.”

The video for “Bliss” opens with Amber lying on a bed covered in silk and flowers set adrift in a shallow ocean. She soon stands to dance joyously around as she celebrates finding an inner happiness she wasn’t expecting. The scene then changes to her sitting in a glass cube in the midst of a wooded area. She steps outside of her box to explore the nature around her as she professes her newfound love of self among the natural beauty.

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The clip eventually fades to black at the end before revealing Amber bathed in deep blue light. She appears to be meditating as a fiery glow emanates from her hands and spreads throughout her body. She stares in awe before she becomes encompassed completely in the light and then evaporates into the ether.

“Bliss” is one of many reasons why Three Dimensions Deep is a must listen. The set features a slew of previously released singles (including “Worth It,” “Softly,” “Most Men” and “Competition”) alongside new standouts like “Bubbles,” “FOMO” and “On & On.” The set proves that Amber Mark is an artist with something to say and a unique perspective worth hearing.

Watch “Bliss” below and then stick around to stream the album in full via Spotify.

Amber Mark Three Dimensions Deep [Amazon][Apple Music][TIDAL]

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