Kehlani Is Wide Open ‘After Hours’

Photo Credit: Israel Riqueros

Kehlani’s next era starts now. After taking fans on a chill journey on the 2022 album blue water road while we were still in the midst of pandemic pandemonium, she’s ready to be outside this spring and summer with a new turn-up anthem entitled “After Hours.”

Lani gets the party started quickly with an assist from producers Alex Goldblatt and Khris Riddick-Tynes of The Rascals. Alex and Khris lace the singer with an uptempo, bass-heavy production that is built on a sample of Nina Sky’s hit debut single “Move Ya Body.” In a nod to the duo, Kehlani dropped “After Hours” almost 20 years to the day that twins Nicole Albino and Natalie Albino set it off in 2004 and had people flocking to the dance floor when the “Move Ya Body” beat dropped in.

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“After Hours” will likely have the same effect on people. Kehlani intends for listeners to move their bodies and get into some good trouble with this track. She sets the tone as she entices the object of her desire who has her wide open with an invitation they can’t refuse. “We don’t gotta take it slow / I’ma hit the gas if you ready to go / I wanna feel the sweat breathing through your clothes / The way you touch my neck got me ready to fold,” Kehlani sings on the first verse, making her intentions clear.

Pressure continues to be applied throughout the song. “Why don’t you stay? / Stay here after hours / I know you don’t wanna leave / Stay here after hours,” she belts on the chorus, sounding so good that we’re ready to go wherever, whenever and be down for whatever.

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Kehlani has got a hot one on her hands with “After Hours.” We expect to hear this jam bumping everywhere from the club to the streets in the coming weeks and months as the weather heats up and we join her outside. Listen to “After Hours” right here and see if you agree.

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