Baby Tate Wants To ‘Luv Everybody’ With ‘Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical’

Photo Credit: Baby Tate/Instagram

It seems that Baby Tate is in the midst of a sexual and musical awakening. We already knew that she had flows, but she proved that she had singing chops (just like her famous mama Dionne Farris) when she aced her guest spot on Babyface’s Girls Night Out last year. She’s bringing that even more to the forefront with her just-released EP Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical. As the title suggests, the five-track project finds her exploring her sexuality in surprising ways, like with her recently released video for “Luv Everybody.”

The clip is introduced by Baby Tate herself as she invites us to watch a vignette that she calls “Pansexual Prance.” After reciting a bit of poetry, the song’s guitar groove rings out as she and her troupe of dancers put on a show for our entertainment. The song is a showcase for her versatility as she flips between rapping and singing as often as the song suggests she flips between lovers of any preference or persuasion.

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“I’m down, can you get it up? / Take a dip if it’s wet enough / Ain’t no need to fight about me / I love everybody,” she sings on the chorus as she picks and chooses between the dancers onstage.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though, as Baby Tate has also dropped two other videos for Sexploration tracks “Lollipop” (a sapphic performance she deems a “lesbian love song”) and “Jersey” (a heartbroken Jersey club cut she introduces as a “sobbing soiree”). You can get into each of those selections below after you stream Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical in full right here. If that’s still not enough Baby Tate for you, then tune into her hilarious mockumentary series for the project on YouTube.

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