Otis Kane Continues To Serenade Us With ‘Pieces’

Photo Credit: Giulia White Vasquez

We think it’s safe to say that singer-songwriter Otis Kane is a lover and not a fighter. At this point, he’s amassed quite the catalog of ballads, jams and bops all about getting that loving feeling. The last time we heard from him, he was painting a picture of love with his song “Kaleidoscope.” Now he’s back on the scene, and he’s still got love on the brain with another lovely ditty called “Pieces.”

“Pieces” is set to the strum of acoustic guitar, the perfect accompaniment for his poetic lyrics. He sings of a love that’s more perfect than he could imagine. He starts the song telling us just how smitten he is, singing, “The pieces of your heart got me fallin’ / I just wanna know if you’re all in, baby / Every time I look out the window / The picture of our love starts to fall in place.”

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As the rest of the song’s instrumentation kicks in, he gets more effusive about the love he’s found. That’s especially true on the chorus, on which he sings, “Special is a word I only use / Every time you walk into a room / And all my dreams are coming true / Now that I have you.”

It’s a sweet sentiment in a catalog full of them, with a sincerity that’s sure to tug at anyone’s heartstrings. Allow Otis Kane to serenade you once more when you take a listen to “Pieces” below.

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