'Do You Mind' If Vedo & Chris Brown Show You A Good Time

Photo Credit: Vedo/Instagram | Chris Brown/Instagram

When Usher calls you one of the most "incredible voices of this time," you're doing something right. Singer-songwriter Vedo is living up to that high praise from the reigning King of R&B as he prepares to release his new album Mood Swings. Led by the loving slow jam "FOREVER," Vedo shakes things up for the project's second single, "Do You Mind" featuring Chris Brown.

"Do You Mind" finds Vedo and Breezy setting up a rendezvous with their respective boo thangs and talking their ish. Vedo kicks it off with slick talk about filming a flick and highlights all of his woman's irresistible attributes that he can't wait to indulge in. On the second verse, Brown makes it clear to his lady that there'll be some body rocking knocking boots all night long to the break of dawn when he slides through.

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Despite their freaky deeky plans, Vedo and Chris are very polite on the chorus. "Do you mind (if I come through) / Mind (if I touch you) / Mind (if I mess up your frontal) / Pour it up, roll it up (we can smoke, too)," they inquire, ready to please and to be pleased.

Vedo and Brown's voices sound great together, and "Do You Mind" is a catchy, flirtatious R&B bop. Our only criticism of the track is that it's too short. With just two verses and a chorus, the fellas coulda easily kept the party going for at least another verse, a bridge and an outro.

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"Do You Mind" will find a home on Vedo's forthcoming album Mood Swings, which will be released on Friday, January 13th. The 10-song collection is available now for pre-save from a variety of digital music providers if you'd like to make sure it's in your streaming queue when it drops next week. Til then, press play right here to listen to "Do You Mind" and learn all the words when you peep the racy lyric video.

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