LION BABE Gives ‘Bonita Applebum’ Another Spin With A ‘Soul House Mix’

Photo Credit: LION BABE/Instagram

We're coming out of the slow spell in the music cycle that occurs after the holidays. And who better to wake things up and shake things up than our homies LION BABE. The duo ended the year on a good note with an unexpected cover of A Tribe Called Quest's jam "Bonita Applebum" that took things to the house. Now they're starting their 2023 off on the right foot with an updated soulful house take on the track.

Where their cover initially built things around the "Memory Band" sitar sample featured prominently on the original track, this updated remix hones in on the song's other musical DNA, namely RAMP's 1977 groove "Daylight." That song's chords and keys are mixed into the brew to add a bit more soul and jazz into the smokin' hot jam. What comes out is an even more enjoyable version of the cover that perfect for cutting up on the dance floor or putting on for a little motivation to make yourself move.

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This updated version of their update shows why LION BABE will always have it going on. The duo has teased that this year will bring more new music from their direction, so consider this the appetizer for what is sure to be a bountiful year from the duo. Run "Bonita Applebum (Soul House Mix)" up when you press play right here.

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