Debbie & BERWYN Look For An Escape In Their 'Cousin's Car'

Photo Credit: Debbie/YouTube

We've been especially impressed with UK soul as of late, with it bringing us many memorable moments throughout the past year. In particular, we were introduced to the musical stylings of up-and-coming singer-songwriter Debbie via her single "All Night Long." She's back on our playlists before the year is up, this time bringing along rapper BERWYN for her latest single "Cousin's Car."

"Cousin's Car" can be looked at as a successor to Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car." Debbie plays the role of a twentysomething going through a quarter-life crisis as she yearns for an escape from her every day. "I don't really have a plan right now / Ain't got peace to pay, I'm / Twentysomething, good for nothing / Little circles that I'm stuck in / I need to break out," she sings on the song's opening verse.

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By the time she gets to the chorus, she's looking to an unnamed savior to get her out of her rut, singing, "So when can we borrow your cousin's car? / Blow the speakers all down the town / I don't have the address down / But I just need to go right now."

The song's video paints a picture of the troubles that might be plaguing her as she sits on a couch in a dimly lit room while the silhouettes of two people argue in the background. It also highlights BERWYN's feature as the two build an easy confidence between one another as they eventually imagine hitting the road together as they escape their reality.

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We don't doubt that Debbie will be one to watch in the coming year. And with a thoughtful pen game and distinctive voice, we have a feeling that she'll be going quite far well beyond it.

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