Debbie Struggles To End A Toxic Relationship In ‘All Night Long’

Photo Credit: Debbie/Instagram

The UK has a consistent track record of producing excellent singers and musicians, and we can now add one more to the list. Debbie has entered the chat with a single entitled “All Night Long,” newly released on 0207 Records, a subsidiary of Def Jam.  

“All Night Long” is a soulful piano and strings-driven ballad showcasing Debbie’s rich, textured voice demanding our focus as we listen to it. The song tells a familiar of someone that knows deep down that their partner is not good for them. Her friends have confirmed it, but she still longs to be with that person despite what they know. She all but begs this individual to come back for one last try. 

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Debbie does an excellent job of increasing the intensity and emotion in her voice as she nears the heartbreaking chorus. “Do you hear me? / Do you have to leave my side? / Cause I’m hurting / As the time we had goes by / Can you listen? / Cause I’m begging, begging, begging, baby,” she wails.

Towards the end of “All Night Long,” Debbie seems to admit that the breakup is the best thing for her. “As I sit here reminiscing of our love / It stays unclear / And I hate the thought of us / So I let go / I’ll be better off in time / And it feels good / Yeah, it feels right,” she sings in a higher and lighter tone, signaling she is resigned to the inevitable.

“All Night Long” was born from Debbie’s real-life experience. “I wrote all night long when a relationship of mine hit a dark place,” she confessed via press release. “It felt like an endless cycle that I knew I should just leave behind. But for some reason, I just couldn’t. I think sometimes even though ‘relationships’ seem wrong, it’s hard to let go – it’s too comfortable and familiar,” the singer-songwriter shared about the all-too-relatable scenario.

With her versatile voice, strong pen and solid team of writers and producers, Debbie is definitely one to watch. We eagerly anticipate her next move and encourage to you keep track of her evolution on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website.

Allow Debbie to tug at your heartstrings with “All Night Long” below and keep scrolling to watch a live performance of the riveting song for Mahogany Session. 

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