Eric Bellinger Wants To See What You're Workin' With On 'BNB'

Photo Credit: Eric Bellinger/YouTube

It's almost "new year, new me" time, which means that a lot of folks are putting fitness on their list of resolutions. There's nothing that helps to keep us motivated in the gym more than a good playlist and we're always looking for new tracks. If you are, too, then Eric Bellinger might have just the thing for you with his latest single "BNB."

"BNB" (which stands for "brand-new body") celebrates the hard work that he sees ladies doing in the gym and the results they're getting. He teams up with Hitmaka once again and crafts a mid-tempo track that bops while it uplifts. Eric sings to a lady who's been on her workout grind as sensual instrumentation and trappy drums keep the rhythm moving forward.

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"Now you outside with a brand-new body / No, you ain't playin' no games, babe / You a lil' hottie / Ain't gon' lie, you got it," he sings on the chorus. "Brand-new body / You worked hard for it, so you could be cocky / You and that brand-new body."

For the song's video, we follow the singer while he's on his workout steez. However, he's stopped in his tracks mid-session by a baddie who walks into the gym to get in a good boxing workout. Suddenly the two are inseparable, with him watching her do yoga, running her a warm bath and getting a personal showing of his leading lady's brand-new body. Though nothing explicitly sexual happens between the two in the clip, the chemistry is undoubtedly there and we're sure that a different type of workout would happen if this scene was set in real life.

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We're still waiting for word on when we can expect Eric Bellinger and Hitmaka's new collaborative effort 1-800-Hit-Eazy: Line 2, which features lead single "Obsession," to arrive. But until the two decide to drop that info, you can jam to "BNB" and watch its music video below.

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