Doechii Gets Some Things Off Her Chest By Debuting 'Stressed' For 'COLORS'

Photo Credit: COLORS/Instagram

SoulBounce is currently a Doechii stan site — and we say that without shame. The budding music star has wowed us ever since she crossed our radar, and her songs "Persuasive" and "Crazy" have been ringing through the SBHQ halls nearly non-stop since they arrived and her she/her/black b***h EP has stayed in rotation. The TDE signee now seems ready to build on her well-earned momentum, and she's taken to the stage at COLORS Studios to do so with her new song "Stressed."

"Stressed" follows the same formula that has brought the rapper/singer success. She mixes her skills with equal measure as she switches between rapping and singing with relative ease while rocking a lime-green Balenciaga 'fit against a lemon-yellow backdrop. The song itself rocks at a mid-tempo as she gets her troubles off her chest.

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"I must be lost in my regrets / I must be down, I must be stressed / I've got like thirteen years of age that I ain't still got off my chest," Doechii rap-sings on the chorus. "It must be so much more to life, if I had diamonds and baguettes / I must be stupid, f**king shaded / Must be down, I must be stressed."

She gets into the meat of her problems on the verses, detailing issues that people undoubtedly can identify with (especially after having a lot of time to reflect over the course of the pandemic). Meanwhile, her performance is one that holds our attention even without the added accoutrement of backing dancers or other spectacles to enhance the experience.

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Though we thoroughly enjoyed she/her/black b***h, we're hoping that the arrival of "Stressed" means that Doechii has a full-length album coming soon. As we dream of what's next, watch her do the damn thing when you press play below.

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