Lucky Daye Is Caught Up In A ‘HERicane’

Photo Credit: Lucky Daye/Instagram

It’s about time for a new Lucky Daye album, no? If you think so, you’ll be happy to know that the singer-songwriter agrees with you. He first hinted something was coming back in November when he dropped the sweet and soulful “That’s You” back in November. Since then, he’s been talking a good game on socials about what’s to come. He makes it official today, however, with the release of follow-up single “HERicane.”

The New Orleans native teams up with frequent collaborator D’Mile once again for the cut. In turn, the super-producer gives Lucky one of his happiest sounding songs to date. It begins with a bright, sunny pairing of guitar and synth that sets the song’s tone. The singer then takes the opportunity to spit some happy-go-lucky game to a tumultuous beauty that has his undivided attention.

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He gets to the heart of their whirlwind romance on the hot and heavy chorus, singing, “I’ll take you to the top floor, baby / If you want it, don’t let me go, hold on, just ride / What you wanna do? I’ll drive you through midnight / Let it rain, baby, rain / Till we slide into the eye of a hurricane.”

“HERicane” is unlike the moodier, more brooding sound that was heard throughout Candydrip. Perhaps Lucky Daye will be taking on a more upbeat journey this go ’round. While we wait for further word from the man himself on what we can expect, stream his latest when you press play and then stick around to watch him move, groove and croon in the song’s live performance video below.

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