Jorja Smith Revisits Her ‘Greatest Gift’ As She Prepares ‘falling or flying (reimagined)’

Photo Credit: Jorja Smith/Facebook

Nearly seven months have passed since British singer-songwriter Jorja Smith gave us her most recent offering, falling or flying. The set showcased her versatility as she traversed genres and styles to deliver a refreshing body of work. It seems that Jorja isn’t quite done with us yet, however, as she’s set to gift us a new version of the set this May. Before she does that, though, she gives us a feel for what’s to come with “Greatest Gift (Reimagined).”

The original version of the song featured jazzy piano and guitar paired with a shuffling, reggae-inspired drumbeat. Her “reimagined” take brings that jazzy foundation to the front, with piano and guitar leading the way alongside smoothed-out drum and carefully arranged backing vocals. The new arrangement works to further highlight the song’s sentimental lyrics.

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“You got me, I’m still right / Here with the realest love / You got me, I’ll still ride / Even in the, the wickedest times, yeah,” she sings on the chorus. “Feel what you wanna feel right now / (’Cause I know how hard it feels) / You got me, I’m still right here / You’re the sweetest thing I’ve known.”

The song’s last minute allows for a bright piano solo to take things home as Jorja and the backing vocalists add some vocal ornamentation. It’s a side of Jorja Smith we haven’t seen as much, but it fits the singer’s talents all the same.

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It’s not clear if all of the songs on falling or flying (reimagined) will also take on this jazzy hue when the set arrives on May 3rd. We wouldn’t be mad at all if they did, however, as this is quite sublime. Listen to “Greatest Gift (Reimagined)” when you press play and then check out the tracklist for falling or flying (reimagined) below.

Jorja Smith falling of flying (reimagined) tracklist:

1. Greatest Gift (Reimagined)
2. Little Things (Reimagined)
3. Feelings (Reimagined)
4. GO GO GO (Reimagined)
5. Falling or flying (Reimagined)
6. Broken is the man (Reimagined)
7. Backwards (Reimagined)
8. Try Me (Reimagined)

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