Doechii Bares All As She Goes A Little 'Crazy'

Photo Credit: Doechii/YouTube

Doechii is slowly but surely proving herself to be that chick. The latest signee to TDE had us jamming and vibing to her housed-out track "Persuasive" just last week. Now the rapper flips the script and wilds out on us with her newest cut "Crazy."

"Crazy" announces its vibe from the start with a militaristic beat full of drums and gloomy bass chords that make it almost seem like an alt-rock track. Doechii shows you just what can she do with a sound like that, though, as she bum-rushes the beat like a madwoman with a gutsy, insistent flow.

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"Y'all calling me crazy / When a b***h been ballin' all day like Brady / Long hair this wavy / And a b***h been shopping all day, no Macy's," she aggressively rhymes. "How 'bout first lady / You n***as can't date me, look at your savings / You n***as still waiting / Still blowing out daisies, counting on daydreams."

She keeps that same energy — and then some — in the track's video (which is age-restricted and can only be viewed on YouTube). Her and an army of women go mad in what appears to be an abandoned parking garage à la "This Is America." They strut around fiercely to the rhythm while rocking black, leather, thigh-high boots and nothing else, their digitally blurred parts giving them a disconcerting Barbie doll effect that is almost as jarring as the song's beat. The ladies get more and more unhinged as the transgressive video goes on, with it pushing against boundaries while making a statement.

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We had a sense that Doechii was going to shake the table with her arrival, and she's doing just that! Give "Crazy" a spin when you press play and then head over to YouTube to have your mind blown by the track's video.

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