Lucky Daye Set To Release His ‘Algorithm’ This June

Photo Credit: Lucky Daye/Instagram

We knew that Lucky Daye was up to something. The singer-songwriter started speculation of a new project when he released his single “That’s You” late last year, a few short months after the promotion for his 2022 album Candydrip wound down. It’d been virtual silence for a while after that, but then he returned last week with follow-up single “HERicane.” It turns out it was all a foretaste for Lucky’s upcoming third album Algorithm.

Lucky took to his socials today (April 24th) to reveal the album’s cover, title and give a non-specific release date for the set. “ALGORITHM | THE ALBUM | JUNE 2024,” he captioned an Instagram post.

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Though he’s very stingy with the details, the album’s cover is quite the looker. It features Daye leaning over a mirrored surface in a black tank top. His hair, which usually falls around his head, is pulled into a sort of faux-hawk and his right arm reaches toward the camera. It’s his smoldering stare that steals the show, however. He gazes away from the camera, a thoughtful look on his face, as the mirror captures his reflection.

There’s not much else to know about Algorithm thus far. We can assume that “That’s You” and “HERicane” will be featured among the album’s songs. We also assume that it’s likely to be produced by frequent collaborator D’Mile. Outside of that, however, your guess is as good as ours. We hope to hear more directly from Lucky Daye in the near future. Until then, gaze upon the album’s cover for yourself above and pre-save the album here.

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