LION BABE Give Us A Hit Of Their ‘Deep Sexy Acid’

Photo Credit: LION BABE/Instagram

At this point, we might as well just book an extended stay in the House Of LION BABE. The newest release from the New York-based duo LION BABE is chock-full of inspired house vibes made to keep us moving. For those who haven’t scooped up the album on EVEN, the duo has been releasing it to streaming services single by single. Recent weeks saw “Better Late Than Never” and “So Pretty” spice things up on the dance floor. Now LB is going deeper with the sensual “Deep Sexy Acid.”

The title of the song, of course, references both deep and acid house. They borrow from both to create the jam — leaning more toward the soulful, jazzy feel of deep house while incorporating elements of acid house’s squelchy sound. It begins with breakneck drums and squelchy bass setting the rhythm. Things smooth out considerably, though, when the keys and flute enter the picture to give the song its main melodic line.

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With the “deep” and “acid” parts established, singer Jillian Hervey steps to the mic to bring us the “sexy.” She whispers seductively throughout the song’s runtime, but it’s the main vocal that really sells it as she follows the flute’s melody while singing of a dance floor love connection.

“Out on the floor / Touchin’ all over / You’re giving me more / Ooh, I adore,” she sings on the refrain. “Baby, I’m buggin’ / You’re making me come / Better than diamonds / You’re keeping me wet.” Are your glasses fogged up, too?

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At this rate, it seems as if LION BABE will be releasing a new track from the album to streaming each week. Whatever the rate of release, we’ll be right here to run ’em up. If you can’t wait that long for all that goodness, we suggest running to EVEN to show LB some love by scooping up House Of LION BABE in full. But first, get into the sensual vibes of “Deep Sexy Acid” when you press play below.

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