Rory Taps RAAHiiM & Shantel May To Share Their Relationship Issues On 'Not Me'

Photo Credit: RAAHiiM/Facebook | Rory/Instagram | Robert Okine

Rory is coming in hot. After wowing us with his debut single “I WANT YOU BUT YOU'LL NEVER KNOW” with singers Shelley FKA DRAM and Alex Isley, he has followed that up with another heater. For his latest single “Not Me,” the podcast personality turned producer once again teams with a pair of singers, this time collaborating with two promising Canadian vocalists, RAAHiiM and Shantel May.  

“Not Me” provides a contradictory male and female perspective about a relationship that seems to have gone as far as it can go. Lyrically, it's a classic he said/she said situation set to music. While musically, the song's vibe is very chill with a steady drumbeat, keys and a mesmerizing bass line.

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RAAHiiM steps to the mic first to lay down his soothing, smooth vocals. He may sound calm and collected, but he throws a little shade in his verse as he complains, "All my exes wanna be Beyoncé / Crazy in love ‘til the love she on it / Telling me ‘bout how you feel through text / That ain’t no way for us to reconnect."

As we all know, there's more than one side to a story, and Shantel comes prepared to check him in her verse. That is after she scolds him for speaking about Bey, when he could never be Jay. She is defiant as she lays out what she expects of any suitor. "Play your cards right / And I might just take you out / But I will never let you take me for granted / I’ll never let you make me feel average," she sings. 

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Once again, Rory has delivered an impressive song and killer collaboration on "Not Me." As a producer, he is finding his groove and making all the right moves. He's two for two thus far, and this track only makes us anxious to hear more from him, which at the rate he's going shouldn't be far off. 

Press play below to listen to “Not Me" while we await Rory’s next move.

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