iyla Gets Experimental As She Gives Us Yet Another Creative Visual With 'FOH'

Photo Credit: iyla/Instagram

She might be indie, but iyla always knows how to make a big visual splash. The singer has managed to catch our eyes with massively creative clips like the ones for "Juice" and "Strings." She's been doing more of the same in 2022 and she's back to do it again with a video for her recent feisty kiss-off "FOH."

"FOH" is actually one of iyla's most minimal videos, with the singer and directors Janelle Ginestra and Luke Rihl opting to just keep the cast to the singer and a handful of dancers in an empty warehouse. However, they do the most with a little. iyla gets her experimental dance on with a routine that takes place throughout the warehouse and includes stiff, staccato movements that illustrate the song's lyrics.

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The moves are very interesting, at times a bit odd and at others beautifully angry. But what also takes this to the next level are the wardrobe choices. The singer starts out in a wide, lacy white dress that almost touches the floor. As the video goes on, though, the garment gets shorter and shorter, becoming a mini dress, a crop top and eventually just a bib (perhaps to illustrate the shorter and shorter her temper is becoming as she continues to deal with the song's oafish lover). The dancers (and eventually iyla herself) are clad in different versions of white men's underwear, giving an unexpected fashion statement that could catch on.

We're not entirely sure about everything that's happening in this clip, but we do know that it's perhaps one of the most provocative things we've seen from iyla. We have a feeling that will change soon enough, though, as she's always one to innovate. See what we mean when you press play below.

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