Raiche Won't Be A 'Fool' For Love Anymore

Photo Credit: Raiche/YouTube

Raiche is a talent that has been bubbling under for a while now. It's now time for the singer to bask in her own shine, and she's ready. The songstress is currently putting the finishing touches on her upcoming debut album Loveland. But before its release, she's giving us another look and listen with her new single "Fool."

"Fool" is a beguiling slice of heartbreak that the "Pick A Side" singer serves up with a heavy dose of emotion over a slow-burning beat. Raiche gets to the point pretty quickly on the song as she breaks down exactly how her lover has let her down despite the love and loyalty she's given him.

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"When you was out here chasing other women / I stood next to you / And I'm still wishing the best for you," she sings. "I don't wanna be the fool for you no more / I don't wanna play that part / I don’t want it to go that far." While the lyrics hit you in the heart, Raiche's dramatic vocal is what truly sells the song as she makes us feel every ounce of heartache.

She also brings that performance to the song's video. In the clip, the songstress exudes beauty in a gauzy white outfit as she emotes for the camera, simultaneously serving up distraught and sexy in an alluring combination. She gets even sexier in a racy black number by the song's second verse as she takes a ride on a subway with dramatic lighting framing her performance. Before the camera fades to black, we get a preview of another new track and a promise that the video's storyline will be continued.

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Raiche has that "it" factor, and it looks like she's going to capitalize on that whenever Loveland arrives. Get into the singer's latest when you stream "Fool" below and then watch the song's gorgeous video.

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