Jamiroquai Goes Out On The Town In ‘Nights Out In The Jungle’

After dropping their eighth studio album Automaton last March and videos for a trio of singles — “Automaton,” “Cloud 9” and “Summer Girl” — Jamiroquai is keeping the momentum and music going for 2018. The fellas deliver a new video to go along with their latest groove, “Nights Out In The Jungle.” The single details a wild night, which plays out in the video as frontman Jay Kay struts his stuff in a tailored suit, embarking on a nighttime adventure we get to follow for five minutes. Funky guitar licks and cool percussion provide the foundation for Jay Kay’s rhymes and silky vocals.

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We watch as Jay Kay gets dropped off at his destination, and he finds his way to the hotel bar. Two women catch his eye and he meets up with them on the dance floor where they take him for a flirtatious twirl before he quickly exits. Once back outside, he walks down the street and encounters a few characters before his driver picks him back up. Once settled into the backseat, he pours himself some brown liquor, chain smokes and has a heated phone conversation as he flashes back to scenes from earlier. Jay Kay doesn’t exactly party like a rock star here, but he’s definitely had a rough “Night Out In The Jungle.”

If you want to spend a night out and have better results, we recommend seeing Jamiroquai live in concert. The band gets on the road this month, going from South America to the U.S. for Coachella and back to Europe, with various dates listed on their website. Watch the group’s latest video for “Nights Out In The Jungle” and see what it’s like to hang out with Jay Kay.

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